A Guide To Choosing The Best Paper Bag Supplier

October 9, 2023

In this era of social media and technology, brands and businesses of different sectors are forced to understand their responsibility towards the environment and take conscious steps to reduce their carbon footprint. One such method, that has helped brands be more environmentally conscious is opting for sustainable packaging solutions, such as paper bags. Not only does using sustainable packaging solutions help the environment, but it also helps in presenting your business as an environmentally conscious brand, which helps in driving more customers. However, choosing the right paper bag supplier in the US or any other area for your brand can get a bit tricky with so many options available in the market. The list below will help you uncover four tips and tricks to choose the best paper bag and other sustainable packaging solutions for brands, as well as some benefits of opting for sustainable packaging services for your brand.

  1. Look for suppliers that adhere to strict quality standards

Paper bags can never compete with the strength and reliability of plastic bags, but they also don’t have to be necessarily fragile. A lot of brands also have the false notion that eco-friendly packaging solutions made of recycled paper or biodegradable waste are not as strong and reliable as the ones that are made from new raw materials, which is why a lot of brands go for suppliers that cut down hundreds of acres of land to obtain raw materials. If you look at it from an environmentally conscious perspective, choosing a paper bag supplier that does not prioritize sourcing raw materials from eco-friendly alternatives does more harm than good to the environment. Customers would never shy away from reusing a good quality paper bag that has strong handles and can support a decent amount of weight, which will help in advertising your business for free. When it comes to supplying paper bags to small and large-scale businesses, most suppliers often overlook the quality of their products. Since paper bags are used as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, it is often assumed that paper bags are not as strong and reliable as plastic ones, which allows suppliers to produce cheaper quality paper bags that are not useful in the long run.

  1. Open to customisation and tailor-made approach

Although sustainable packaging solutions, such as paper bags, were developed to encourage people to recycle and reuse packaging items, businesses need to realize that packaging items are a great way to advertise their products and services. While boring brown paper bags solve the purpose of creating sustainable packaging solutions, a basic paper bag with no text would hardly bring any attention to your business or brand. Custom paper bags, on the other hand, are tailor-made according to the brand’s vision, creativity, and budget. A custom paper bag with a catchy slogan written in an attractive font will bring more attention to your brand or business than a basic brown bag that has no personality whatsoever. Therefore, you must choose a supplier that offers customization of different packaging solutions, including paper bags, according to the brand’s needs, vision, and budget. In this era of technology and social media, it has become important for brands to have a unique personality to reach more customers and increase their customer acquisition. Doesn’t matter how good your products or services are, your brand will not reach the customers if fail to advertise your business properly, and having unique packaging solutions that are tailor-made according to the vision of your brand is an excellent way to attract more customers. You can also hire people to help create a witty advertisement for your brand’s paper bags and other packaging solutions, which would drive more traffic to your business.

  1. Check whether the product is sustainable

The basic idea of having paper bags and other eco-friendly packaging solutions is that it’s more sustainable than plastic bags. Although paper bags and other packaging solutions made of paper are an eco-friendly option, but it is important to realize that this paper also comes at the cost of damaging the environment. The pulp used for the making of paper comes from the bark of trees. Every year, hundreds of thousands of trees get cut down and forestations are damaged to produce paper. Therefore, you must look for suppliers that source their paper from biodegradable waste and recycled paper to ensure that your packaging solutions are sustainable. There’s no point in being an advocate for sustainable packaging solutions if your supplier is cutting down hundreds of thousands of acres of land to source the raw materials. Choosing a supplier that understands the importance of using eco-friendly packaging solutions is crucial for your brand, as well as the environment. 

  1. Industrial experience and production size

While it is always advised to support small businesses and start-ups, brands should stick to suppliers that have a decent industrial experience under their belt. Making hundreds of thousands of paper bags and other environmentally friendly packaging solutions is no joke, and only a supplier with years of experience in the packaging industry would understand the importance of sourcing the right raw materials, following strict quality standards and producing tailor-made packaging solutions for different brands. As a brand, you must also look into the production size and production capacity of the paper bag supplier to ensure that they handle the load of providing eco-friendly and tailor-made packaging solutions, like paper bags, for your brand within the given deadline. Any delay in the supply of paper bags and other packaging solutions can have a disastrous impact on your brand’s value and also lead to significant loss.

This completes our list of the top four tips to choose the best paper bag supplier in your area. As mentioned, the raw materials used in the making of eco-friendly packaging solutions like paper bags come from the bark of trees, which get cut down in hundreds of thousands of numbers every year. Therefore, you must choose a paper bag supplier that prioritizes sourcing raw materials from biodegradable waste and recycled paper for their packaging services.

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