Behind the ‘Gram: Unearthing Instagram’s Algorithm Secrets

Behind the 'Gram_ Unearthing Instagram's Algorithm Secrets
October 5, 2023

Instagram: it’s where we see dazzling vacation snaps, mouth-watering food pics, and the latest fashion trends. Social media agency in Dubai, much like their global counterparts, recognize the power and reach of platforms like Instagram. For any aspiring influencer, brand, or even the casual user, understanding this algorithm becomes paramount, especially in competitive digital hubs like Dubai.

As we embark on this journey, we will decode the nuances and intricacies of what truly lies behind the ‘Gram. But have you ever wondered why some posts get more likes or why certain stories pop up first? Well, it’s all because of Instagram’s mysterious algorithm. Let’s dive into some of its secrets.

1. What is an Algorithm?

Think of the algorithm as a behind-the-scenes director. It decides which posts or stories show up first on your feed. It’s like a chef who knows you love chocolate cake and always keeps a slice ready for you!

At its core, an algorithm is like a decision-making machine. For Instagram, this means determining which posts or stories should appear at the top of your feed. Picture it as a friendly librarian who, after noticing you often read adventure novels, always keeps the latest releases in that genre at your favorite reading spot.

The librarian observes, remembers, and then recommends, ensuring you have a pleasant reading experience. Similarly, the Instagram algorithm tries to enhance your scrolling experience based on what you like.

2. It’s All About Engagement

The more likes, comments, shares, and views a post gets, the more likely it is to be shown to people. Engagement is the currency of the Instagram world. Posts that gather more likes, comments, shares, or views are favored by the algorithm.

It’s Instagram’s way of saying, “More people should see this post because it’s popular!” For brands and users aiming for better visibility, this means fostering engagement becomes paramount.

Tips for Brands and Users:

  • To obtain comments on your posts, pose questions.
  • Use fun stickers in stories to get people involved.
  • Make sure your content is interesting and share-worthy!

3. It’s Not Just About the ‘Now’

Instagram doesn’t only show new posts. If you missed a super cool photo from your best friend two days ago, Instagram might still show it to you today because it knows you like your friend’s posts.

One might think that Instagram is all about the present moment, but the algorithm thinks beyond real-time. If there’s a post you might have missed a few days ago, but it’s from an account you interact with frequently, the algorithm ensures you see it. It recognizes that relevance isn’t solely determined by what’s most recent but also by what’s most pertinent to the user.

4. Relationships Matter

If you often chat with someone or like their posts, Instagram will think, “These two are buddies!” So, it’ll often show you their content. It’s like always saving a seat for your best friend in a movie theater.

The Instagram algorithm is quite the observer. If it notices that you frequently interact with an account – maybe it’s your family, friend, or a favorite brand – it prioritizes content from that account on your feed. It understands the digital ties that signify a ‘relationship’ and ensures that content from close connections doesn’t get lost in the vast sea of posts.

5. Searching and Exploring

When you search for things or click on posts in the Explore tab, Instagram notices. If you’re always looking at cute cat videos, don’t be surprised to see more furry friends on your feed!

Instagram’s Explore tab is a treasure trove of content tailored for you. The algorithm curates this based on your interactions, searches, and even the profiles you view. So, if you’ve been on a spree watching art tutorials, don’t be surprised if your Explore page suddenly transforms into an artist’s palette!

6. Being Consistent Helps

If you’re a brand or someone trying to grow followers, consistency is key. Posting regularly tells Instagram that you’re active and have fresh stuff for people to see. Consistency on Instagram isn’t just about posting frequently; it’s about maintaining a consistent theme, voice, and interaction level.

For influencers or brands, this consistency assures the algorithm of the account’s credibility and reliability. In a way, it’s like a TV show that airs at the same time every week – viewers, and in this case, followers, know when to tune in.

7. Videos, Photos, and Everything In-Between

Instagram loves all content, whether it’s a photo, video, carousel, or story. But if people engage more with videos over photos on your profile, expect to see more videos popping up.

Instagram began as a photo-sharing app, but now it’s a hub for all kinds of content, from videos to IGTV to stories. The algorithm appreciates this diversity. If users engage more with videos on your profile or if your carousel posts get a lot of attention, the algorithm takes note and might prioritize that type of content for your followers.


Instagram’s algorithm might seem like a big mystery, but it’s really all about giving people what they love. It wants to show you posts that make you happy, interested, or curious. For those trying to get more visibility on Instagram, it’s all about being genuine, consistent, and engaging. So, next time you’re scrolling through your feed, remember there’s a clever director behind the scenes, making sure you get a slice of your favorite cake!

Understanding the Instagram algorithm is like peeking behind the curtain of a grand theater show. There’s so much happening backstage to ensure the audience gets the best experience. For regular users, this knowledge can make their scrolling more intentional. For brands and influencers, it offers insights to craft a more effective Instagram strategy, ensuring their content doesn’t just float aimlessly but sails smoothly to the desired shores.

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